Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FlareWatch?
FlareWatch is a tool to monitor and track your auto-immune condition from any browser or mobile device via the web. With FlareWatch you can measure your auto-immune symptoms and track how medications, diet, weather and pollen impact your condition. FlareWatch allows you take control of your or your loved ones auto-immune condition.

2. What type of functionality does FlareWatch provide?
FlareWatch enables you to enter common flare metrics such as pain, fatigue, and sleep on daily basis. In addition you can enter diet restrictions and medications to help track compliance. If you have given FlareWatch your zip code, it attempts to get weather information for you so that you correlate how these environmental factors impact your or your loved ones flares. FlareWatch allows you to generate reports summarizing your flares metrics so that you can present a detailed report to your rheumatologist on your schedule visits.

3. How will FlareWatch help your Rheumatologist?
FlareWatch reports show your pain, fatigue, and sleep levels and correlate them with historical weather and pollen conditions. Additionally, your rheumatologist can see how specific changes in your medication or diet have impacted your condition. When you are able measure your auto-immune symptoms, it enables you to take control of your or loved ones condition.

4. Does FlareWatch guarantee that I or my loved one will go into remission?
No, FlareWatch by itself is not a cure. FlareWatch gives you the tools to track, monitor and correlate external factors with your flares. Because FlareWatch is easy to use, it enables you to enter patient flare metric data quickly. Everyone is busy with family and work, so FlareWatch is designed to let you enter data quickly and then allow you to get back to your busy day. With its report generation features, FlareWatch enables you to give your rheumatologist a detailed picture of your condition in between visits.

5. Can other people see my flare information?
No, you are the only one that has access to your flare information. You are in total control of who sees your data. With the FlareWatch Data Policy, we guarantee no one will ever see your data. FlareWatch does not sell and will never sell any data you enter for tracking and monitoring purposes. FlareWatch employees can't see your data unless you give permission in case of a support incident. We do not ask or save social security numbers or any other information that identifies who you are such as full names. We use nicknames to allow you to distinguish between multiple patients you may be tracking within our application service.

6. What technical measures has FlareWatch taken to protect my flare information?
FlareWatch encrypts all data you enter concerning pain, fatigue, sleep, diet, and medications. Encrypting effectively scrambles the data so that anyone that might try to read it would not be able to decipher the data. When your browser or any mobile device interacts with FlareWatch, all data transmissions use Secure-Socket-Layers(SSL) which encrypts the data being transmitted between the client and FlareWatch's servers. In addition, we do not ask for or save any key information that would identify who you are such as full names or social security numbers. See the FlareWatch Security Policy to get more detail on how we keep your data safe and secure.

7. Do I need to buy a special software to use FlareWatch?
No, FlareWatch is hosted in the Google's Cloud service. You can access FlareWatch from any browser or mobile device from work or home seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Regardless of where you, you can access FlareWatch from anywhere on the web. You don't have to worry about data backups of your data. This is handled automatically for you. Your data is secure and safe and is only accessible by you and the users you add to FlareWatch. You are also able to download your entire dataset at any given time. You can delete your account and all of your data will be erased from our servers. With our hosting model, we eliminate the risk associated with you losing your data on your on laptop. We have heard stories of laptops or mobile phones being stolen, or destroy and with it your data. Individuals that track their own data using spreadsheets or use mobile phone applications must manage their own devices and plan for disaster recovery. By using FlareWatch this is all handled for you in safe and secure way.

8. Why did we choose to host with Google and deploy on their Cloud?
Google is an industry leader in managing secure data centers. Your data is automatically backed up on regular basis and is monitored 7x24 by security engineers at Google. Although Google's Cloud service uses similar technology powering Gmail, Docs, and Search, none of the data stored in the Google cloud service is accessible by any of Googles other products. Google's Cloud service is a totally separate system and your data is not or will ever be available to these other Google systems.

9. Is FlareWatch really expensive to use?
No, FlareWatch is officially in beta status so it is free to use. Anyone signing up during this beta period will be able to use FlareWatch for free for the life-time of their account. You can try FlareWatch without any risk. If you don't feel this is right for you and your family, you can discontinue using FlareWatch at any time. If you do this, deleting your account permanently erases your data. We only want you to move forward if this application service is helping you manage your auto-immune condition. Once the beta period ends, new users signing up will have to pay a small amount per month (on the order of the price of a cup of coffee), but the details on this have not been worked out. The important thing to know is if you signup now, you can use FlareWatch for free for the lifetime of your account.

10. Does FlareWatch sell my data?
No, FlareWatch does not sell patient metric data to the pharmaceutical industry or any other 3rd party. FlareWatch does not sell email addresses to any other organizations. FlareWatch will never sell your data to pay to keep the lights on and the servers running. Obviously we need to cover our costs but selling your patient data is not how we are going to do it. Your data is private, secure and safe.

11. Does FlareWatch use my data in any way?
FlareWatch does not sell and will never sell any data you enter for tracking and monitoring purposes. FlareWatch does plan in the future to use anonymous un-identifying patient metric data to create "Aggregate Level" reports correlating flares, weather and other external factors such as pollen and air quality. These reports will be hosted on FlareWatch servers and will not be given or sold to any 3rd parties. FlareWatch's "Aggregrate Level" reports will be available to all FlareWatch users and used to educate the public on how weather changes, pollen, and air-quality impact auto-immune patients. Its really important to emphasize this, and I know I am kicking a dead horse by now, FlareWatch will never disclose the underlying patient data used for "Aggregrate Level" reports and your data will always remain safe, secure and completely private. With the FlareWatch Data Policy, we guarantee no one will ever see your data.

12. Does FlareWatch use my data for advertising?
FlareWatch currently does not incorporate advertising in any of its sites but we may do so in the future. In the future, we may use user defined data such as zipcode, city code or the specific auto-immune conditions to better match the advertisements with users. But again, user personal or patient metric data will never be given or sold to advertisers or any of their partners as part of this type arrangement.

13. Why did you decide to build FlareWatch?
Five years ago several members of my family were diagnosed with auto-immune diseases within a matter of 6 months. Another family member, a health professional, instinctively began to track and document their symptoms and with this they began to provide detailed reports to the rheumatologist. After several years, it struck me that I might be able to do more by applying the one set of talents I was given. This is when I started building a cloud application to help manage this time consuming labor intensive process. After doing this, we decided to open it up to the public to see if others might find this helpful. We are not a giant corporate entity but instead people whose lives were directly impacted by auto-immune disease. Now, even though we are not a giant corporation with unlimited resources, we are damm good at what we do and we are very passionate about what we are doing. This is not just work, but instead a mission, that we work on during the day, at night, on weekends and during holidays. Our goal is to support each and every auto-immune condition to enable anyone facing these same challenges to figure out of if there are external factors impacting their condition. We hate auto-immune disease and we hope in a small way this app will make a difference!

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