Data Statement

What we do and don't do with your data
  • FlareWatch does not and will never sell your data to pharmaceutical industry or any other 3rd party.
  • FlareWatch does not and will never sell your email addresses to pharmaceutical industry or any other 3rd party.
  • FlareWatch will use anonymous un-identifying patient metric data to create "Aggregate Level" reports correlating flares, weather and other external factors such as pollen and air quality.
  • FlareWatch's "Aggregrate Level" reports will be available to all FlareWatch users and used to educate the public on how weather changes, pollen, and air-quality impact auto-immune patients. These reports will be hosted on FlareWatch servers and will not be given or sold to any 3rd parties.
  • FlareWatch will always keep the underlying patient data used for "Aggregrate Level" reports safe, secure and completely private.
Data Retention
  • FlareWatch reserves the right to delete a user account along with all data if the user has not logged in after 1 year.
  • When a user deletes their account, the account is closed but still exists for a grace-period of 7-10 business days. If the user does not ask to restore the account it is deleted permenantly.
How is data used in advertising?
  • FlareWatch currently does not incorporate advertising in any of its sites but we may do so in the future.
  • In the future, we may use user defined data such as zipcode, city code or the specific auto-immune condition to better match the advertisements with users.
  • User personal or metric data will never be given or sold to advertisers or any of their partners.
How secure is my data?
  • FlareWatch encrypts all transmission of data between your client browser or mobile phone and our servers.
  • FlareWatch encrypts data that is stored in our datastore. Encrypting this data scrambles it making it unreadable to any unauthorized users who might view it.
  • FlareWatch does not ask for nor does it save any personal data such as full names or social security numbers. We make use of nick names to help distinguish between more than one patient that you are managing within our platform.
  • FlareWatch provides each user in your family with a unique user name and password that must be entered each time a user logs on.
  • Each user's password is encrypted in our datastore and known only to the respective user.
  • In addition, FlareWatch is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

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