What can FlareWatch do?

With FlareWatch, you can easily track your or your loved one's flares. FlareWatch makes it easy to enter flare metric information. In addition, FlareWatch finds weather data for your city and zip code. When it's time to visit your rheumatologist, FlareWatch easily generates and allows you to print out a report summarizing your historical flare information for your doctor. With this, your doctor can get a visual picture of your daily flares going back to your last visit.

Will FlareWatch help you manage your auto-immune condition? The answer is yes. With FlareWatch you will be able see correlations between your flares with your diet, medication, weather and pollen. By seeing these patterns, you can easily determine if daily changes in your life are impacting your condition. When its time to visit your rheumatologist, you will be able to give him/her an easy to understand report documenting your flares since the last doctors visit. Your doctor will also benefit by seeing how changes in medications are impacting the condition.

How does FlareWatch help you take control of your or your loved one's auto-immune condition?

  • See if changes in medication are making a difference
  • See if changes in diet are helping
  • See how changes in weather make an impact
  • See how pollen outbreaks make an impact
  • Track, monitor and watch flares with daily detail

Is my data safe with FlareWatch? Yes, FlareWatch encrypts all patient flare metric data. Encrypting data effectively scrambles the messages so that anyone that might try to read the data would not be able to decipher the message. In addition, FlareWatch uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) when your browser or mobile device communicates with our hosted servers. SSL encrypts data during transmission between the browser and the mobile device and the server. FlareWatch does not collect identifying data such as full names or social security numbers so that there is no way to associate the flare metric data to any person even if someone could get it. You and any persons to whom you give authorization are the only ones that can see your flare metric data.

 Click Images to See FlareWatch Training Videos

What is FlareWatch? Watch this video to find out. How does the First Time Signup with FlareWatch work? Watch here to see.
How do you Define a Patient? This video will answer your question. Is it easy to Enter Metric Data? Very easy, watch this Flash video to see how.
Can I Generate a Report? You sure can, and this video shows you how. How do change my nickname or zipCode? You do it under the Setup link.
Why is Weather and Pollen important to your flares? FlareWatch can show you.  

  Start tracking your auto-immune condition today...

  • Correlate your flares with Diet and changes in Medications
  • See how weather and pollen outbreaks impact how your feeling
  • Give your rheumatologist a detailed daily report on your condition